The Respiratory System: Systems of the Body

Davies & Moores
Publisher: Churchill Livingstone
Year: 2001
ISBN: 0443062315
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Part of the Systems of the Body Series, this concise text offers coverage of the core knowledge required on the respiratory system. An ideal text for system-based, integrated courses, it stresses the relevance of basic science to clinical medicine ― a clinical case is used to derive the learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter. It also prepares the student for early patient contact with a final section covering the major diseases of the system and their diagnosis and treatment.
  • Integrated coverage of the structure, function, and major diseases of the respiratory system ― highly suitable for systems courses
  • Coverage of the basic science that is clinically driven ― a common clinical presentation introduces each major topic
  • Clinical cases that are used and explained in the chapter
  • Coverage of major diseases of the respiratory system that equips students for early contact with patients
  • A structure that encourages learning ― objectives are defined at the beginning of the chapter, and self-assessment questions are provided at the end
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SKU: ISBN: 0443062315 Category: Tag: