Respiratory Care Sciences: An Integrated Approach

Wojciechowski, W
Publisher: Delmar Thomson Learning
Year: 2000  Edition: 3
ISBN: 0766807800

The newest edition of this comprehensive text highlights the fundamental principles and concepts of basic science material pertinent to the clinical practice of respiratory therapy, and to various aspects of cardiopulmonary physiology, including chemistry, physics, mathematics, microbiology, and physiological chemistry. The text takes many basic science theories, laws, and tenets and applies them to real-lfe examples. Numerous examples and an appendix of step-by-step solutions and answers to over 500 practice problems are included to guide learners along the path to complete understanding. The text presents learners with multiple opportunities to work through formulas and mathematical problems they will encounter clinically. Quick reference formulas appear on the inside front and back covers directing readers to the specific page where the formula is discussed.

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SKU: ISBN: 0766807800 Category: Tag: