Neonatal/Pediatric Respiratory Care Pocket Guide

Oakes, D
Publisher: Health Educators Pub
Year: 2000  Edition: 4
ISBN: 0932887139

Hot off the presses from Health Educator Publications, this fourth edition of the popular critical care pocket guide has been updated with new PALS, neonatal resuscitation, and asthma guidelines.

The guide is organized as follows:

  • Prenatal Assessment
  • Postnatal Assessment
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Neonatal Transport
  • Respiratory Assessment & Monitoring
  • Cardiovascular Assessment & Monitoring
  • Physiological Assessment & Monitoring
  • Critical Care Procedures
  • General Nursing Care
  • Oxygen, Aerosol, & Humidity Therapy
  • Chest Physical Therapy
  • CPAP
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Pharmacology
  • Respiratory Diseases/Disorders

Written by Dana Oakes, BA, RRT, and co-edited by Dr. Jay Goldsmith, author of Assisted Ventilation of the Neonate.

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SKU: ISBN: 0932887139 Categories: , Tag: