Egan’s Fundamentals of Respiratory Care

Scanlan, C & Wilkins, R & Stoller, J
Publisher: WB Saunders
Year: 1998  Edition: 7
ISBN: 0815127987
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An outstanding revision of the classic EGAN’S FUNDAMENTALS, this comprehensive text provides excellent coverage of the role of respiratory care practitioners, scientific bases for treatment, and clinical applications. It progresses from the foundations of respiratory care to applied anatomy and physiology, assessment, discussion of specific respiratory illnesses, basic therapy, acute and critical care, and preventive and long-term care. Special features have been designed with the student in mind and include outlines, active learning objectives, key terms and glossary, “Mini-Clinis,” “Rules of Thumb,” and bulleted key-point summaries. To improve students’ clinical-skill application, CPGs and TDPs are included in appropriate chapters to familiarize students with the use of patient care guidelines and decision trees.

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