Dosage Calculations

Pickar, G
Publisher: Delmar Thomson Learning
Year: 1999  Edition: 6
ISBN: 0766805042

This best selling book presents the principles of calculating medication dosages using the formula method D/H x Q=X. This text has been updated with a new four-part modular format which reflects the way the course is most commonly being taught in nursing and health-related curriculums. The expanded math coverage includes a pretest and post test section, two chapters of math review covering fraction and decimals, ratio and percent, simple equations, and ratio and proportion. Over 2,500 problems have been included that allow students to practice their skills and reinforce learning. This revision also includes a new chapter on solutions, and nutritional feedings, numerous new photos and illustrations of drug labels to familiarize users with information commonly contained on labels. Includes an interactive CD-ROM that encourages self-paced learning

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SKU: ISBN: 0766805042 Categories: , Tag: