Comprehensive Perinatal & Pediatric Respiratory Care

Davidson, GL and Whitaker, K
Publisher: Delmar Thomson Learning
Year: 2001  Edition: 3
ISBN: 0766813738

Respiratory students and therapists can learn the latest in respiratory care for newborns and children from this updated book. Readers will study fetal development of the cardiopulmonary system, then learn respiratory care of neonatal and pediatric patients, as well as causes and care of respiratory illnesses. A section devoted to ventilation and oxygenation includes information on both conventional and special techniques. Even topics such as care of parents and home care are discussed in detail. Ten clinical case studies supplement the main text.


Key features:


¨ Corresponds with the new NBRC content outline for the perinatal/pediatric specialty exam


¨ New section on specialty medical gases


¨ Practice questions, laboratory exercises, and checklists now located in the book to improve understanding


¨ Information on conventional and non-conventional ventilators


¨ Ten clinical case studies support application of content from the main text.

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SKU: ISBN: 0766813738 Category: Tag: