Ventilator Demand is Soaring – Who are the Leading Manufacturers Meeting this Demand?

The COVID-19 outbreak has created huge demand for ventilators and manufacturers have responded by increasing their production and sharing their designs online to allow others to produce them. The growing need for ventilators has also encouraged engineering companies such as Dyson and Airbus to begin development to make up the shortfall.

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We have identified 10 medical device companies rising to the challenge of meeting increased global demand for ventilators.


1. Philips

Philips manufactures a range of hospital ventilators including both invasive and non invasive ventilation systems. The company has responded to the growing demand for ventilators by hiring extra manufacturing staff and switching current staff to the production lines where they are most needed. Philips recently announced that it is aiming to double its production of hospital ventilators from 1000 a week to 2000 to ensure that all healthcare facilities can access this lifesaving equipment.

2. Medtronic

Medtronic has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by sharing the design specifications for its PB560 ventilator with other manufacturers. The company hopes this will allow other companies around the world in accelerating their efforts to respond to the acute need for ventilators. Medtronic has already boosted production of its PD980 ventilators and has doubled the number of staff at its manufacturing plant to allow it to operate 24/7.

3. Drager

Drager manufactures a range of medical and safety products. Drager recently announced that it has doubled its production of ventilators in response to the growth in demand caused by coronavirus. The company has also recently signed a deal to supply 10,000 ventilators as well as personal protective equipment with the German government.

4. Getinge

Getinge is one of the biggest producers of ventilators in the world and has recently added a second shift to its ventilator production to allow it to meet the increasing demand. Currently the company manufactures 10,000 Servo U mechanical ventilators a year and aims to increase this by 60% to allow them to produce 15000 a month.


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